Lega Siciliana Social Club
96 Oakwood Avenue, Waterbury, CT
(203) 596-1918

Founded May 8, 1908

Updated March 25, 2016


MAY 8, 1908 - A new regional society came to being, under the auspices of a group of men, among them Ciro P. Lanza, Constantino Calvo, Lorenzo Ciresi, Rosario Ciacco and Matteo Scavusso, who were inspired by the spirit of mutual protection and brotherly union. The organization was called "SICILIAN LEAGUE OF MUTUAL BENEFIT, GIOVANNI MELI" in memory of our greatest and immortal poet of the Sicilian dialect. The scope of the League was to help morally, physically and financially all its members according to the economic resources of the social fund. To induce to join this League pursuant to the act of incorporation, all Sicilian natives, their descendants and Italians who have Sicilian wives residing in Waterbury, were eligible to join the League.

1908 Known Officers - President: Ciro P. Lanza, Treasurer: Constantino Calvo

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OCTOBER 20, 1908 - Ciro P. Lanza, Vincent Ippolito, R. Ciarcia, Vincenzo Passanisi, Lorenzo Ciresi and Gerardo Roccapriore presented the first instrument of organization which was acknowledged and documented by Luigi Bertoli, Notary Public for the County of New Haven.

DECEMBER 19, 1914 - The organization was officially incorporated by the Secretary of the State of Connecticut. The Articles of Incorporation were compiled by Talio Antonio, Giovanni Manna, Frederico Siracusa, Rosario Guastela, Gaetano Calli, Constantino Calvo and Prospero Dente.

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DECEMBER 16, 1956 - Testimonial Dinner held at DiNapoli's Restaurant, 925 Bank Street in Waterbury, CT. It was given by the Lega Siciliana in honor of two of its founders: Ciro P. Lanza and Constantino Calvo.

For years the organization concerned itself with sickness and mortuary benefits in addition to availing itself to aiding their members in legal matters, more so in the area of becoming U.S. citizens.

As community services became more available to assist all immigrants, the original purpose of the LS, as with other ethnic organizations, began to diminish with social activities becoming more predominant. As a result, by the mid 1960’s, the organization became mostly inactive.

1974 - Angelo Barbino began reorganizing the club.

NOVEMBER 1974 – The organization was officially reorganized under the title of “Lega Siciliana Social Club, Inc.” with the purpose of promoting social activities among members, their families and friends, and to participate in those projects which were of benefit to the entire community. At times, they met in the basement of Angelo & Eleanor Barbino's "Ang-El Beauty Shop" on South Main Street, then on Grand Street in Waterbury, CT.

1977 Officers - President: Rosario Costa, Vice-President: Paul Perruccio, Jr., Secretary: Gus Smiraglia, Treasurer: Angelo Mancuso, Sgt-at-Arms: Jerry C. Valenti, Board of Directors: Ralph Affe, Sandro Bologna, Emanuel Garofalo, Tom Giarratona, Mario Fulvo, Sal Lantieri, Vincent Leone, Vinnie Onalfo, Joe Tramuta

JANUARY 19, 1977 – Installation of Officers Dinner Dance at Ponte’s Hall, Waterbury, CT.

1978-88 - The LS met at the Casa Mia Restaurant on Division Street in Waterbury, CT for about 10 years.

1990 Officers - President: Rosario Costa, Vice-President: Sando Spino, Secretary: Vinnie Valenti, Treasurer: Angelo Mancuso, Jr., Permittee: Henry Aurigemma. Board of Directors: Nicholas J. Parillo, Paul Musso, Joseph Tramuta, Carmen Fulvo, Anthony Durso, Salvatore Lantieri, Sando Bologna, Jerry Vaenti.

APRIL 7, 1990 – Awards Dinner Given in Honor of Paul Rizza & Joseph Tramuta at St. Lucy’s Recreation Hall, Division Street, Waterbury, CT.

1992 - Frank Barbino was the President. The LS met in the Odd Fellows Temple on East Main Street, Waterbury, CT for 2 years.

1994 -The LS met a couple of years at the current building owned by Joe Riggi’s Superior Fuel Oils on Railroad Hill Street, Waterbury, CT

1995 - The LS met at the now-defunct Italian Heritage Club on Waterville Street in Waterbury, CT for 2 – 3 years.

JUNE 1997 - Official opening and dedication of the current Lega Siciliana Social Club building. The building was the former Roosevelt Grammer School (built in 1922), which the Club bought in 1994. It took several years to remodel it to its present condition.

2008 Officers - President: Richard Lanza Sr., Vice President: Vinnie Leone, Secretary: George Berardi, Treasurer: Vinnie Berardi, Sgt.-at-Arms: Hank Aurigemma, Board of Directors: Paul Bacetta, Charles Lanza, Joe Riggi, Jerry Valenti, Vinnie Valenti, Tony Vitarelli, Frank Vuolo

MAY 4, 2008 - To recognize the Lega Siciliana's founding on May 8, 1908, a 100-Year Celebration was held at the Lega Siciliana Social Club, 96 Oakwood Avenue, Waterbury, CT.

2009 Officers - President: Richard Lanza Sr., Vice President: Vinnie Leone, Secretary: George Berardi, Treasurer: Lee Cameletti, Sgt.-at-Arms: Hank Aurigemma, Board of Directors: Paul Bacetta, Joe Riggi, Michael Santoro, Jerry Valenti, Vinnie Valenti, Tony Vitarelli, Frank Vuolo

2019 Officers - President: Louis Esposito, Vice President: David Gaffney, Secretary: George Berardi, Treasurer: Lee Cameletti, Sgt.-at-Arms: Hank Aurigemma, Board of Directors: Paul Bacetta Sr., Vinnie Valenti, Tony Vitarelli, Jerry Valenti, Vinnie Valenti, Tony Vitarelli, Frank Vuolo, Richard Lanza Sr.

Known Past Presidents

  • 1908 Ciro P. Lanza
  • 1977 Rosario Costa
  • 1980 – 1983 Salvatore Terenzo
  • 1990 Rosario Costa
  • 1992 Frank Barbino
  • 1995 Vinnie Leone
  • 1996 Richard Lanza
  • 2017 to present: Louis Esposito Jr.

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